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Model R baseboard panels...stylish modern comfort that's easy to install.

Symmetrically styled for modern, low-silhouette appearance...designed for fast, low-cost installation...and engineered for peak hydronic performance...that's Model R Heatrim/American, a residential baseboard.

Compact Model R Heatrim/American stands only 7 3/8" high and extends only 2 11/16" into the room when set flush against the wall, and even less when recessed to plaster depth. Homeowners like the simple, uncluttered look of Model R Heatrim/American panels. ..and the decorating freedom provided by the white semi-gloss prime coat, which may be left as is or repainted later (with any good quality alkyd base paint) to match room decor. Installers like the convenience of working with this baseboard. The back panel stands unaided against the wall so that all back panels, filler and joining pieces can be positioned and fastened to the wall by one person. Brackets, dampers, front panels and accessories snap right on. No tools needed. No time wasted. Two high-capacity heating elements are available for installation flexibility. It's shipped completely assembled in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-foot lengths. Also available in 10 and 12-foot enclosures.

No matter what the requirements, Model R Heatrim/American does the job with efficiency, economy and style.
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