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Suntemp Baseboard Radiation

Beautiful? Obviously. But first and foremost, Suntemp Imperial 700-A1 has a heating job to do. And never before has baseboard radiation been so well equipped to do it! Tops in all categories... comfort... silence... convenience... strength... safety... cleanliness... styling... efficiency... economy. Not just by words, but by such solid facts.
Heat Control Damper-Louver

Can be operated, by a touch, from any point along its length. Deflects air through front outlet so walls cannot get dirt-streaked. Painting, after installation, does not hamper its later operation. Also, features a concealed return tube.
Enclosure Fits Any Decor

It's low 7 7/8", and narrow 2 13/16" Satin-white baked finish. Front outlet prevents wall streaking. Easy to clean rounded-edge surfaces.
Tab-On Accessories

Easy, speedy no-tool installation. Standard and hinged types available. All tab type accessories stay where they were put.
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